Education and Mental Health

What Can We Do?

Produced by: Kelly Bush

What can we do to improve the way our education system treats mental health?

Mental Health in the Classroom

Mental illness is something that affects the lives of 1 in 5 people in the United States. This statistic also represents students in the classroom. If there is a class of 25 students, there is a possibility that at least 5 will experience some sort mental health condition and struggle with issues such as anxiety and/or depression. These mental health conditions can present some limitations when it comes to classroom learning. Some people may experience difficulty focusing, fatigue and could find it hard to interact with others in the classroom.

While there may be limitations present, continuing to learn and attend school is completely possible, however there is a stigma around students living with a mental illness and continuing their education.

Written by: Rahmere Griffin

Created by: John Williams

A child's time in the U.S. public education system is a crucial point in their development, especially when it comes to their overall mental health. The sooner school's realize this, the better.


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