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SPECIAL THANKS | Magnify Mental Health | Magnify Mental Health


We would like to thank everyone who helped make this site possible!

Ahmed Ibrahim, Mental Health Advocate, Entrepreneur

Aiyana Martinez, Personal Story

Alan Hartl, Psychologist and CEO, Lenape Valley Foundation

Allison Rupert, Guidance Counselor, Prep Charter High School Guidance Counselor (1928 Point Breeze Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145)

Andrew Faust, Attorney, Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP

Andrew Halstead, Personal Story

Ashlee, Personal Story

Bailey Janowski, Personal Story

Brian McGinley, Social Worker and School Psychologist

Brittanie Muhammed, Elementary School Teacher

Bryce Stewart, Volunteer Leader, YoungLife

Carolanne Deal, Personal Story, University of Delaware

Cheryl Colleluori, President, HEADstrong Foundation

Chris Flanagan, Superintendent, Township of Radnor Pennsylvania

Cynthia Riley, School Psychologist

DeLisha Horne, Personal Story

Denise Johnston, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Associate Director, Cabrini University

Diana Trasatti, Clinician/Navigator, Kennedy Health System

Dorry Newcomer, Lead Pastor, Lima United Methodist Church

Dr. Bill Vogler, Executive Director, Pinebrook Family Answers

Dr. Byron Young M.D, Child Psychiatrist, Mental health Service Corps

Dr. Charles Zeiders, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Dominic Marfisi, Vice President, Behavioral Health, Elwyn

Dr. Farzin Irani, Clinical Neuropsychologist, AAA Neuropsychology, LLC

Dr. Gregory Brusko, Chief Clinical Officer, Ascension Wisconsin

Dr. Megan Cannon, Sports Psychologist, Cannon Psychological Consulting, LLC

Dr. Nina Cummings Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Board of Health and Human Services

Elizabeth Gehrt, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Secrets

Emily Torchiana, Mental Health Speaker & Founder and CEO of a Mental Health Non-Profit, Lost Got Found

Gerry Gonzalez, Community Relations Representative, Child Guidance Resource Center

Giannina Cipolloni, Mental Conditioning Coach, Newtown Therapy and Wellness Center

Grant Strine, Psychologist, Springfield Psychological

Jaclyn DiGregorio, Personal Story, Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur, Founder of CuspIt

Jamond Hunt, Guidance Counselor, Prep Charter High School Guidance Counselor (1928 Point Breeze Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145)

Jenna Dilossi Psy.D., LPC, Co-founder, Center for Hope and Health

Jennifer Green, Founder & Director, Alpha Bravo Canine

Jingduan Yang, MD, Founder of Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine, Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine

Joel Lang, Dir. College Advisement & School Counseling, Padua Academy Wilmington DE

Joey Alsandor, Program Coordinator, Power of Girls

Jordan Burnham, Mental Health Advocate Speaker, Minding Your Minds

Kathy Meline, Therapist, Starting Point Inc.

Kaymoni Kent, Personal Story

Kimberly Renninger, Dir. of Advocacy, HopeWorx, Inc.

Kris Kelly Majors, Outreach and Administrative Coordinator, DMAX Foundation

Lauren Stohler, Personal Story

Laurie Burnstein-Maxwell, Executive Director, Personal Story, DMAX Foundation

Lexa Chernin, Āyurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor

Lexi Douglass, Personal Story, Education Major, Cabrini

Lisa Corbin, Assistant Professor and Counsellor, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lisa Nolan, Cabrini Alumni, Mental health speaker

Mandi Donahue, Counselor, Upper Merion Area Middle School in Pennsylvania

Maria Connelly, Personal Story

Mary Gregorio, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, MHFA instructor for Montgomery County

Matt Cleaver, Officer, Ridley Township Police Department

Melissa Ferrigno, Licensed Professional Counselor, Halcyon Therapy

Melissa Harrison MA LPC, Co-Founder, Center for Hope and Health

Nancy Dever, Board Member, NAMI Main Line

Natasha Pressley, Personal Story

Nora Hunt Johnson, Parent of Child with Schizophrenia, Runs NAMI Monthly Parent Support Group, NAMI Main Line

Phil Lubitz, Director of Advocacy Programs, NAMI New Jersey

Rachel Kelly, Personal Story

Raekwon Lloyd, Personal Story

Renee Boyer, High School Counselor, Cabrini High School

Renin Broadnax, Personal Story

Rep. Mike Schlossberg, Pennsylvania State Representative, 132nd District

Rev. Dr. Deborah Tanksley-Brown, Pastor, Church of the Open Door, Kennett Square, PA

Rev. Lydia E. Muñoz, Lead Pastor, Church of the Open Door, Kennett Square, PA

Rev. Susan L Worrell, Pastor, Church of the Open Door, Kennett Square, PA

Rory Driscole, Esq., Criminal Defense Attorney/Lead Attorney, Northampton County Mental Health Court, PA

Ruth Gorski, Coordinator, Puppy Development Center of the Mid Atlantic Area paws4people

Sabrina & Stephen Daluisio, Personal Story

Samantha Dillion, Teacher, Elwyn, Media, PA

Samantha Lomerson, Assistant Director or Mental Health, Assistant Director of Mental Health Services at Montgomery County Correctional Facility

Samantha Torres, Personal Story

Sara Chominski, Social worker

Sara Maggitti, Licensed Psychologist, Villanova PA

Sean Cleary, Mental Health Counselor

Seneca White, Personal Story

Steve Kossor, Chief Executive Officer, Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist, Institute for Behavior Change

Thomas Laws, Personal Story

Tom Scott, Veteran, Personal Story

Valerie Schina, Executive Director, Pyramid Healthcare Inc.

Victor Wisher, Personal Story

Vince DiPasquale, Founder, Starting Point Inc.

Wendell Potter, Founder, Tarbell.org

Xavier Taylor, Personal Story



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