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How Can The Mental Health Crisis Be Solved?

Produced by: Eric Stone

The mental health crisis is impacted by many inequities, such as stigma, not enough resources and and an overall lack of public awareness.  Here are comments from some professionals.

How Can Mental Health Inequity be Resolved?

The Inequities section of this web site details various difficulties experienced by people living with mental health conditions , including stigmas, socioeconomic barriers, lack of funding, mistreatment in the justice system and more. Such inequities are what exacerbate the mental health crisis and make it nearly impossible for those in need to get the help that they truly deserve. There is much room for improvement and we have some ideas.

The first area that needs the most improvement is the lack of resources for services. Not only do insurance plans often exclude coverage for therapy and medication options but often those living with mental health issues have nowhere to go during their toughest moments. Many schools, hospitals, and even prisons do not have the proper departments or services to help those in need, often leading them to places and positions that are clearly not a suitable fit. Options for the expansion of resources include building new mental health centers, incorporating such resources into more schools and prisons, and advocating for more equitable insurance plans.

As stigma and discrimination continue to affect those living with a mental health condition, it’s become clear that awareness must be brought to these issues so that they can be properly identified and accepted. While individuals learn to accept themselves and those around them who are living with mental illnesses, everyone must become advocates and ensure that society is  understanding and recognizing mental health conditions. With time and effort, obstacles to mental health care equity can be overcome.

Written by: Eric Stone

If you or a loved one are dealing with a mental health challenge or think you are dealing with a mental health condition, here are come resources to contact:


Cabrini University
  • Cabrini University

  • cabrinicomdept@gmail.com