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Mental Health First Aid Course

Produced by: Keegan McKoskey

A mental health course for students, faculty and staff could be the first step in getting the training necessary to understand student mental health.

Kelly Education

Created by: Kelly Bush

Teachers Need to be Taught as Much as Students

Between 2014 and 2024, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects nearly 1.9 million job openings for teachers of preschool through postsecondary school. A student’s mental health has a strong impact on their social life and in the classroom as well. This also impacts teachers’ lives as well, if a student is living with a mental health condition. Without the proper training, teachers have no experience on how to handle a situation where a student is living with a mental health condition.

The usual adjustment a teacher or guidance counselor does for a student is a 504 Accommodation. A 504 Accommodation is a when a student has an accommodation such as needing to take breaks throughout the day or sit in the front row of their classes. After that, guidance counselors are usually required to contact the students parent or guardian along with outside resources.

“With the amount of students that we work with, we may not be able to counsel those students as much as we’d like so we recommend outside counseling,” Jamond Hunt, Preparatory Charter High School, said.

Many teachers do not receive the correct training regarding student mental health accommodations unless they reach out on their own. In many places, it is not mandatory to receive training if you are a teacher.

If a teacher is interested in receiving mental health training, click here to find the nearest mental health first aid course.

Written by: Keegan McKoskey

Created by: John Williams

There is a shortage of school therapists in U.S. public schools. Considering how critical the teenage years are for the development of an individual, this is something that needs to change.

Created by: Kelly Bush

Education Attorney Andrew Faust explains that although students may need certain services they are easily disqualified from receiving them.

Created by: Kelly Bush

Teacher Brittannie Muhammed explains how she wants to help the education system.

Created by: Kelly Bush

Counselor Joel Lang describes how his school attempts to combat the lack of counselors.


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