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Increase In Funding Can Improve Mental Health Services

In 2019, a record $4.7 trillion was requested for the fiscal year 2020 United States federal budget. When the yearly budget is proposed, the programs that the money goes to are laid out with the specific amount allotted.

Some examples of programs specifically for mental health that are written out in the budget are the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant and Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers.  

The Community Mental Health Services Block Grant allows funds for mental health to reach all 50 states and two territories of the United States. This block grant targets adults with serious mental health conditions as well as children with emotional disturbances. With increased funding to this program, specifically, more children and adults would be able to receive proper treatment for their mental health condition.

The Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers provides mental health resources for those with Medicaid as well as those without Medicaid. These centers are responsible for providing nine services for their patients. These services include screening, assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions, counseling and family support services, crisis mental health services and other services.

Since some of the individuals with Medicaid have low income, an increase in funding would allow more individuals in low income areas to receive proper mental health treatment. The goal of these services is to provide services and treatment to anyone regardless of income or insurance status.

By funding these services, individuals who may not be able to afford proper treatment on their own can have access to these services. With more funding towards these programs, more individuals will be able to receive help for their mental health condition regardless of income or insurance.

Written by: Shannon Finn

Created by: Ryan Brong

Mental health services, treatment and professionals receive a majority of their money to operate from government budgets.


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