How Society Affects the Thoughts of Individuals

Produced by: Emma Rodner-Tims

This visualizes how damaging the different types of stereotypes, prejudices and acts of discrimination can be for an individual living with a mental health condition. Everything that is said or done can affect the way(s) they think about and see themselves.

Created by: Emma Rodner-Tims

As individuals, the way the people around us think and feel matter to us a lot, sometimes too much.  It affects individuals so much so that it starts to affect the way we think about themselves. The three-key elements of public perception that influence individuals are stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminations. Those thoughts and actions exhibited by the public are then adopted by individuals and directed toward themselves. Together, the combination of stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminations on the public and individual levels create a negative stigma is then created.  


Cabrini University
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