Created by: Hope Daluisio

Addressing the Diagnosis

There are more than 200 documented mental health conditions and over 50 million Americans live with those conditions in a given year. Although every person who is diagnosed lives through their condition in different ways, a mental health condition affects a person’s feelings, mood, thoughts, behaviors and can range from a mild to severe disturbance.

With over 200 documented mental health conditions the top three conditions in America consist of anxiety disorders, depression disorders and eating disorders. Many people find solemn and peace once their condition has finally been identified and diagnosed, while others feel the opposite and it often worsens their condition. Due to the stigmas surrounding mental health, so many people go undiagnosed, untreated and overall overcome much more than an individual who has been diagnosed and is receiving treatment.

Within the Levels and Definitions tabs there will be an overview of major mental health conditions and the levels of severity they have on a person. By doing so, proper knowledge will be acquired to continue through this site and to live life by our motto #StrikeTheStigma when it comes to mental health.

Written by: Hope Daluisio


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