Myths and Stigmas About Mental Health

Produced by: Jordan Clouthier

This video is about the way society views people living with mental health conditions. This is contributed to by media portrayals as well as stereotypes that people hold in their own minds. These ideas can impact how others treat those living with mental health conditions and also impact how those living with mental health conditions view themselves.

"What I don't like about it is just the labels that they give, you know?"

Ahmed Ibrahim

Mental Health Advocate

"Now that I'm older it’s like people hide how they feel and don't want to acknowledge what they're going through."

DeLisha Horne

Personal Story

"My parents never really believed in mental illness. They didn't even think that it was real."

Kaymoni Kent

Personal Story

"People just think you’re like a demon or something that can’t handle yourself when you can"

Tom Scott


Created by: Emma Rodner-Tims, Keegan McKoskey


Cabrini University
  • Cabrini University